We are expert in low level laser therapy and specialize in research and clinical trials, development of laser equipment, sales and training of clients on the safe and effective use of laser therapy equipment for both medical professionals and at home laser therapy devices such as the SL50 Evolution. Our Experts have researched, written and contributed presentations on laser therapy applications. Some of these researchers include Prof. Dr. Leonardo Longo, Dr. Mary Dyson, Prof. Tiina Karu, Dr. Julie Breur, Prof. Catherine Kerr, Prof. Paul Lowe, Prof. Roberta Chow, Dr Alicia Stone and a numberous other experts.


The Evolution Fusion Low Level Laser is FDA allowed for pain treatment and represents the most advanced Low Level Laser system ever developed. It has so many functions in addition to pain treatment – non-invasive Lipo Laser, musculo- skeletal issues, smoking cessation, wrinkles, beauty and skin treatment, hair growth and more!
Omega Laser Systems is one of the most respected companies in the laser therapy field and has been in business for over 25 years. Health and Beauty is the exclusive distributor in the U.S. Omega lasers are manufactured in England and are FDA cleared.
Our Evolution Pain laser has all new features for 2017 1/2 and now includes two laser therapy treatment heads, each with a high powered 500mW 810-830nm infrared diode and 6 red laser diodes to reduce the time spent with clients.




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